Romanian Mission Trips

Mission teams travel several times a year to minister to the people in Romania.

first buildingTimeline

2000 – Dr. Ted Bashford took his first trip to Romania. Immediately upon his return our work began.

Assistance was provided to an orphanage to repair the doors and windows in their building.

A car was purchased for a missionary working with the street children in Bucharest.

May 2001 – Survey trip made by James McPherson (Dr. Bashford’s grandson) to select a location to begin ministry.

September 2001 – First U.S. mission team trip to build a church in Simand, a gypsy village.

August 2002 – Mission team conducted Vacation Bible Schools and nightly services in villages.

March 2003 – First Pastor’s Conference held in Lugoj. Began work on Bashford Foundation legal documents.

August 2003 – Mission team conducted the first medical clinic in Lugoj.

March 2004 – Bashford Foundation established. Daniel Toc, Foundation President, began search for land to build on.

2004-2016 – U.S. mission teams traveled twice a year providing medical and wellness clinics, training, and construction projects.

2010  – Land purchase of 100 acres completed. Work begun on Master Plan for property development and feeding programs for families.

2011 – Master Plan for property completed. Work begun on detailed plans for property.

2012 – Detailed plans completed and work to fence property begins. (All property in Romania must have a fence around the entire property.)

March 2014 – Ground Breaking Ceremony for the first building to be constructed on the property.

May 2017 – Construction of first building completed.

August 2017 – Opening of the first Children’s Home.

Join Us

Our next Reaching Romania missions trip is tentatively scheduled for October 1–10, 2021.

If you would like to join us on this mission trip, or learn more about Reaching Romania, contact James McPherson, Director, at (757) 390-7518.

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