Make a donation today that will improve the future of a Romanian child in need. Your tax-deductible gift will provide a permanent and safe Christian home environment, nutritious food and warm clothing, an education that can free them from a life of poverty, and the everyday joy in the Lord that every child deserves.

We are under construction! If you want to support our current construction projects of three new children’s homes and multipurpose center, designate your donation “Building Projects”.


Prayerfully consider how you can make a tangible impact in the lives of these precious children.


Please pray for the people of Romania and for our teams as we minister to their needs.  


Pray we stand centered in God’s will through the services we provide in Romania.  


Pray the children in our care experience God’s love through our nurturing house parents and enjoy the stability of a compassionate Christian family. 


Pray the orphans, widows, and impoverished families for whom we provide care experience God’s peace, joy, and love by our meeting their physical and spiritual needs. 


Praise God for His provision to Reach Romania through our generous donors and volunteers. 


Praise God for our prayer warriors and supporters who faithfully cover our mission in prayer. 

Praise God for those willing to mission and minister to Romanians in need. 


Praise God for the children’s and families’ lives transformed and for His protection as they move forward.”