Mario’s Story

“One of Casa Linda’s house parents, Dan, received a desperate call from a family in Maguri whom he’d met through Reach Romania’s Feeding Body & Soul ministry. When they first met, he was overwhelmed by their story.  



The couple has seven children, four of whom were still living in their home. Two years prior, their 12-year-old son, Mario, was hit by a car, putting him into a coma. Doctors said he wouldn’t survive. It was in that moment that Mario’s parents accepted Jesus Christ and cried out for God to save their son. Incredibly, Mario came out of the coma and survived two subsequent surgeries on his brain and lungs. However, Mario was still dependent on life-saving medical equipment to keep him alive. 


When the family reached out to Dan, their electricity had gone out and they had no way of keeping Mario’s life-support machines operating. They needed another miracle.  


Little did they know that few days earlier, Dan felt directed to refill his gas can and did not know why until the family’s call for help. Dan immediately brought the family the tank of gas and a small generator, finding an ambulance administering Mario oxygen until he arrived.  


God is working through your generosity to Reach Romania to make miracles like this possible!”